About Us

Hey there - my name is Leah, and I founded Totem Nutrition in late 2017. Prior to founding Totem, I first ventured into entrepreneurism with a software consultancy. Business was going well but, I couldn't seem to sleep at night because of all of the things that would race through my head each night as I tried to sleep. Despite my best efforts to destress, eat right, exercise, and spend time in nature, I never felt  rested or energized because of the poor sleep I was getting. Each night, I'd lay in bed for hours thinking about everything that needed to be done for the business. When I finally fell asleep, the sleep was stressful, restless, and anything but refreshing. This poor sleep leaked into my life and business. I began reaching for over the counter and herbal sleep aids to help me get the rest I desperately needed and craved. These sleep aids either knocked me out quickly, but I'd often wake up feeling groggy and worse off than I was before, or they were so ineffective that I might as well have not taken anything.  I spent way too much money and time trying sleep aids, and I continually ended up disappointed.  So, I did a bunch of research, and I made my own  -- Lucid. 

We believe that the sleep you get sets the tone for your entire day, and that your days set the tone for your life. We started with sleep because it impacts so much of your life. Studies show that the quality of your sleep will, in part, determine your salary, your productivity, your love life, your social life, your attractiveness, your mood, and your predisposition to a myriad of poor health outcomes. We believe that stronger sleep will always amount to a stronger life. 

 Although we started with sleep, we're beginning to branch out to other important areas of your life -- with products that help you regain your youth and enjoy your sex life more.  Sometimes the world we live in and the lifestyles we choose make it hard to have the health and vitality that we desire, so we like to think our products make it easier to bridge the gap between good enough and excellent health. We believe that with everything going on in the world, you should always have excellent health

At the moment, we're a small, but dedicated and 100% remote team, based out of Santa Monica, CA and New York, NY.  If you have any questions for us - about us, about our products, about our favorite TV shows -- shoot us an email. We love hearing from you.