Upgraded Travel with Lucid

Everybody loves an adventure that takes them to a new destination. We invest a lot in our trips. We plan it, pay for it, and take time off of work. Whether we're traveling to explore a new place, close a business deal, or celebrate a milestone traveling gives us the opportunity to expand our horizons. Hopping on a plane to cross timezones is exhilarating, but too often we get sick while traveling, which can definitely hamper your adventure. In fact, researchers have concluded that you're way more likely to catch a cold while traveling --- 20 to 113% more likely.

No one wants their trip ruined by a runny nose and exhaustion. The good news is that we're here to help. Lucid, our sleep optimizer, should be your go to for all things travel. Here's why.

First off, at just one fluid ounce per bottle, Lucid fits perfectly within the TSA 3-1-1 liquid limits for your carryon bag. There's no reason not to pack this small, but mighty effective, tincture on a flight to have it close at hand.

If you're traveling on a red eye, a dose of Lucid when you grab your seat can help you actually sleep while on the flight and wake up normally when you arrive at your destination. Our L.A. based team swears by this method when they grab a red eye to the East Coast. Lucid helps them sleep more effectively while on the flight, but also queues their body's natural circadian rhythms for wake up at the appropriate time. So, unlike taking melatonin, any other OTC, or prescription sleep aid, you won't just be knocked out and a zombie when you land.  Lucid + killer neck pillow (or this thing) + comfortable eye mask = 5 star hotel in the sky. 

In addition to making overnight flights way easier, Lucid is exceptionally effective at combatting jet lag. 93% of travelers will experience jet lag, and more people claim to feel jet lag when they cross timezones from west to east.  To maximize Lucid's restorative sleep when you're in a new location, simply adjust when you take Lucid so that you fall asleep at an appropriate time and then the rest of your circadian rhythm will follow suit. We suggest taking Lucid 30 minutes before your desired bedtime in local time. So, if you're traveling to Cleveland from Los Angeles and want to go to bed at 10pm EST - take your Lucid at 9:30pm EST. 

Lucid works with your body's natural processes to help you fall asleep gently, sleep restoratively, and wake up at an appropriate time. It doesn't just knock you out with a big dose of sleep aid that makes you feel hungover and drowsy the next day. 

In addition to assisting with upgraded sleep while traveling, Lucid will also keep your immune system in tip top shape. Traveling often interferes with our body's immune system for a number of reasons, disturbed sleep patterns definitely being one of them. Other reasons might include the swarm of viruses and bacteria that live in airports, being sealed in a tin can with hundreds of other people in close proximity, being off your diet and fitness routine, being dehydrated, and the stress that accompanies travel. 

Lucid's sleep optimizing characteristics will obviously help you keep your immune system in shape because sleep is crucial to keeping your body healthy. The quality and quantity of your sleep will have a huge effect on your immune system's capabilities. Better sleep = better immunity. Simple as that. Lucid shines here. 

We also designed Lucid with sleep and immunity in mind. Knowing that our bodies hone their immune systems while they sleep, we added colostrum to Lucid's ingredient list because of its immune boosting capabilities. Colostrum is made up of immunoglobins, or antibodies, which are proteins that your immune system needs to function at its highest capacity. While your body sleeps and is in repair / maintenance mode, it's already improving your immune system. Taking Lucid during these processes gives your body the inputs it needs to get the most out of your sleep. 

Lucid is a versatile supplement to take with you while traveling. It helps by ensuring that you get not only get sufficient sleep, which most travelers lose out on, but by also giving your immune system an additional boost when your body is at major risk for sickness. Don't let your trip planning, time, and cash go to waste by being a drowsy, sick, zombie on your next trip. Lucid is like travelers insurance. It helps keep your optimized so that you can enjoy every aspect of your journey.