Sweet Dreams With Lucid: Brandy in Brooklyn

Sweet Dreams With Lucid

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"I’ve been taking Lucid and have been really pleased with the results! I’m falling asleep more quickly, sleeping through the night without waking (a rarity for me) and feel great when I wake up. Other sleep medications or supplements made me feel groggy, but with Lucid I feel clear and alert when I wake up. I’ve also noticed that I have a bit more energy overall, and am less likely to be tired from walking up multiple flights of stairs or the like. 

I haven’t been sick since I started using Lucid, which is a huge benefit for a teacher during the winter months. Overall, I would recommend Lucid for anyone like looking to improve the quality of their sleep and energy level. I’ve been really pleased with the results! "

-Brandy S., Founder of ASD Achieve, Brooklyn, NY