Sweet Dreams With Lucid: Jane in Los Angeles

Sweet Dreams With Lucid

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I received Lucid as a gift to try and help me with some chronic sleep issues I’ve been having for years. I started taking lucid the past 6 days and beyond impressed how quick in a short period my sleep had improved! I no longer wake up randomly throughout the night or having trouble falling back to sleep if I wake briefly. With all that said, I have to share another amazing benefit I wasn’t expecting while taking Lucid. 


I have a full left thumb radial tear injury from 3 years ago from doing Jiu Jitsu. Being a stubborn fool I indeed am for not getting surgery....it never healed properly and I always had chronic flare ups of inflammation, swelling and pain. It didn’t help to tear the unsupported scar tissue 6 months ago playing around.  Within I’d say a good 3 days while taking Lucid I noticed I had none of my chronic symptoms in my thumb! I personally hate taking anti inflammatory drugs, so my usual relief was CBD sprays or balms that helped give relief for a day then after would just deal with the symptoms.

My mind is blown that this product not only helped my sleep quick but fixed another chronic issue I had in such little time. I will be raving about this to my fellow Jiu Jitsu peers and community!!!

Best In Health,