Sweet Dreams With Lucid: Tanner in Santa Monica

Sweet Dreams With Lucid

This week's Success Story was original written in the 34* North Newsletter, 3 Rep Max. It de It is reprinted here with the permission of the author, Tanner Martty. 


"...A product Lo and I are huge fans of called Lucid by Totem NutritionLucid is an all natural sleep enhancer that brings your body's circadian rhythm back to natural balance to improve your sleep quality and daytime energy. Lucid's carefully selected ingredients give your body the building blocks it needs to cultivate a night of deep, restful sleep and an energized, alert wake up each morning. Lucid increases the total time you spend in deep wave sleep, which gives your body more time for recovery and regeneration and leaves you feeling brand new. 

Basically, Lucid helps put you to sleep and ensures you get better quality sleep during the time you’re asleep.  I’m particularly stoked on the Velvet Antler extract for its regenerative and anti-aging properties, especially since Indie doesn’t appreciate how much sleep daddy needs for how hard he trains.  (She doesn’t yet appreciate my quest for the full front lever).

Lo and I use Lucid on nights when we really need a great night’s sleep, if we’re feeling restless or if we’ve been training/working/parenting super hard and are in need of super recovery sleep.  Even though the serving size on the bottle recommends 30 drops the most I’ve ever taken is 10 drops and Lo usually take 5 to 7, which is plenty to feel the effects.  

What we’ve noticed is that when we take it there is a palpable shift in our internal and physical state, like we can feel our parasympathetic nervous systems switching on.  It puts me in the mood to rest and my body relaxes, shedding any tension.  Within 15-20 minutes I’m falling asleep and when I wake up in the morning to my alarm I haven’t moved and my bladder is totally full. Normally, I would wake up once to pee in the middle of the night. 

We’ve seriously debated giving Indie a few drops to knock her little ass out, but cooler heads have prevailed...For now at least.  There have been times I wish I had a baby tranquilizer gun."

Tanner Martty, owner of  34* North

Tanner Martty, owner of 34* North