How and When to Take Totem Products

 Taking Pulse on a sunny hillside overlooking the sea. 

Taking Pulse on a sunny hillside overlooking the sea. 

One question that our support team often fields is about how and when to take Totem's products. We understand that it can be confusing, so we wanted to dedicate a blog post all about how and when to take our products! Totem brings you the highest quality formulations of revered ancient and scientifically validated ingredients that are liquid and must be administered under your tongue. So, not only are we introducing you to a lot of ingredients that you're unfamiliar with, you also have to take our products in a particular way to get the most out of them! Let's dive into the whys, whens, and hows! 

Each Totem product is technically called a tincture. When a supplement comes in tincture form that means that the product's ingredients are are dissolved in alcohol and delivered in liquid. Our products use organic grape alcohol for the preservation of our all natural and organic components. The alcohol that we use for all of our products is  hypoallergenic, gluten free, and GMO free. By volume the alcohol content of tinctures is negligible, so there is no worry that the alcohol might impair you. Alcohol has been used in herbal extracts for centuries to preserve all aspects of herbs' healing properties (even those properties that aren't water soluble) and extend their shelf lives. 

When you're ready to take your Totem products (more on timing below), you simply use the included dropper to draw up your desired serving size (more on that below, too!). From there, drop your desired serving under your tongue, and then close your mouth while keeping the tincture under your tongue for 60 - 90 seconds. While the tincture is under your tongue, you can use your tongue to coat the inside of your mouth and gums with the formulation. It is totally normal if you feel a slight tingling sensation while the tincture is under your tongue - that is the organic grape alcohol working. After that time is up, swallow any remaining product. 

You might be wondering why our products are meant to be delivered right under your tongue. It's a great question! By administering the tincture under your tongue and in your mouth, the bioactive components of the ingredients (aka the super amazing chemical compounds in the ingredients that do fabulous things for your mind and body) are able to go right into your bloodstream. One other function that our organic grape alcohol serves is that while the tincture is in your mouth the alcohol stimulates the tissue in your mouth that allows for the nutrients and compounds to diffuse into your bloodstream. That is the tingling sensation that you might feel while taking the tincture. 

Taking the tincture sub-lingually allows for more of the good stuff in the ingredients to absorb effectively into your body. By absorbing directly into your bloodstream via your mouth, the tincture is maximally absorbed by your body. If you were to swallow the tincture your digestive tract would destroy most of the preserved bioactive compounds in the tincture and the remainder of the components would be metabolized by your liver -- leaving you with barely any nutrients and herbal benefits. Taking the tincture under your tongues avoids all of this and makes sure that you're receiving the most benefit from the ingredients. 

Each product that we currently offer should be taken orally and sub-lingually as described above. However, since each product offers different benefits it's important to note when to take them, how to determine your serving size, and what to expect when you take them. We detail each product below. 


Lucid is our dedicated sleep tincture. If you're ready for uninterrupted nights of deep sleep and vivid dreams followed by an alert and energetic wake up, then Lucid is the tincture for you. Lucid is designed to be taken 30 minutes before your desired bed time. If you'd like to fall asleep around 9:30pm, we suggest taking Lucid at 9pm and doing something calm or preparing for bed until 9:30. In the thirty minutes between taking Lucid and getting in bed, you should feel a comfortable, calm tiredness take over. One member of our team compared this comfortable calm to the feeling you have after having a really, really good and productive day. 

Our team has noticed is that although men and women both benefit from Lucid, the amount of Lucid men and women need varies quite a bit. So, to start we suggest that on your first night taking Lucid men should take somewhere between 10 - 15 drops of and women should start with 5 - 7 drops. In our experience, we've found that too much Lucid on a given night will result is restless sleep, but too little Lucid will result in no change of sleep patterns. If you take that suggested first dose and experience either of those two extremes, adjust up or down accordingly the following night. When you find your sweet spot of Lucid drops, you will know as soon as you wake up in the morning because you'll feel well rested, alert, and wondering how you've been sleeping without Lucid for all of these years. You'll likely also notice more day time energy, too. You can take Lucid every night and not worry about it being habit forming. 


Pulse is our sensational sensual tincture. It's designed to balance and optimize women's hormones and to also help women rediscover and harness their sexual power and energy. Although it was designed for women and women will see the most benefit form it, men can take it too. Our male team members have noticed a slight bump in their sexual appetite while using Pulse, but the female testers have been...well, a force to be reckoned with according to their partners. There is no dedicated time to take Pulse. We've had customers and team members tell us that they take it first thing in the morning to help improve their mood throughout the day, and we've had folks say that they take it in the evening to wind down after work. If possible, we do recommend taking Pulse on an empty stomach before a meal. Although Pulse is known for its sexual prowess, it is also a fabulous mood enhancer that ushers in a wonderful feeling of calm, serenity, and well-being. 

In addition to being calming and a lot of fun, Pulse is delicious. Its formulation includes cacao, vanilla, and maple syrup. We've found that the best serving size for Pulse is pretty consistently 30 drops or 2/3 of a dropper regardless of the size of the person taking it or their gender. The effects of Pulse aren't immediate, but you will notice more of a centered feeling within about 45 minutes and more long term effects within a few hours or days. We've noticed that its effects are cumulative, so the more consistently you take it the more consistent and balanced your mood, hormones, and sex drive become short and long term. Pulse can also be taken daily. 


Revive is like a time machine for your bones, joints, skin, mind, and metabolism. It's an ultra concentrated dose of velvet antler extract, an ingredient that has been cherished and revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine for millennia. Totem's Strategic Advisor said that taking Revive daily for the last two months has made her feel twenty years younger.Revive will give you a renewed sense of vitality, vigor, and fortitude. 

For best results, we suggest taking 30 drops (2/3 of a dropper) of Revive in first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. If your stomach is generally sensitive, you'll want to make sure that you have something to eat after taking it. We suggest the morning for administering Revive because we've noticed and customers have reported that it sometimes gives them energy or a second wind, which makes it hard to fall asleep at night. Depending on the individual, you might feel Revive's effects (such as increased energy) right away or it might take a few consecutive days of servings to notice the youthfulness that you're regaining. Like Pulse, we've found that Revive's effects are cumulative and build upon the consistent use of the product. Revive can be taken daily. 

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