Totem Ambassador: Jane Frank


We're proud to announce The Totem Ambassador Program!  We're even more excited to welcome Jane Frank to the Totem team as our first Ambassador! Jane Jane is a Los Angels native and a Jiu Jitsu athlete. Jane has resigned from the medical field after 15 years to pursue holistic alternative style of healing for the public. Learn more about Jane in our interview and visit her Instagram to learn more. 

Where do you live?

West Los Angeles, CA

What’s your favorite color?

My favorite colors are aquas and purple


Where did you go to school?

Maric College (Medical Assistant)

What book are you currently reading? Why did you choose it?

Tuning the Human Biofield byEileen Day Mckusick. I am currently teaching myself and preparing for future certification on energy/sound healing. I want to help heal people in an alternative way from modern medicine.

What is your main athletic pursuit?

Jiu Jitsu!

How did you get started on your current journey?

I’ve always had a big heart for helping people. I felt it was a calling of some sort in my childhood years and had a strong desire to pursue it. This time I’m looking to do it on a more intuitive & spiritual level (non religious).

What goal most motivates you? Why?

To be at peace with myself. Even though I was always giving, I never was good at giving what I needed for myself. So everyday I make small steps to getting closer to knowing Jane.

What big picture lesson(s) keep cropping up for your in life?

Taking care of myself.

Tell us a little bit about your interest in sound healing! What intrigues you about this? How did you first learn about it?

Sound healing became an interest when I started developing a lot of stress when I was working in the medical field. My fiancé’s family introduced me to a form of sound healing with drums.  Then I started to explore further into crystal bowls and it just clicked for me.

How can tuning forks and crystal bowls help people?

Crystal bowls and tuning forks create very unique sounds and vibrations that brings a person's mind and body to a state of relaxation. Depending on the sound some can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, traumas, illnesses, body ailments and so on.

How important is nature and spending time outside to you? Do you think this is crucial to living a happy and healthy life? Why?

Extremely important! We’ve forgotten as a culture how we originally were in tune with the earth. Nature was the home for all our ancestors and overtime with evolving from hunter gatherer states we’ve evolved into workaholics in the modern world stuck in boxes whether in a cubicle at work or a societal of conditioning.

What’s your favorite way to get outside?

Either taking a walk with my fiancé or getting out of town camping somewhere secluded.


What lessons has BJJ taught you? To be humble, patient, and free within.

Do you have a mantra or quote that guides you? What about this phrase resonates with you?

Yes! It’s called “emancipate your mind from mental slavery.” It’s a verse from a Bob Marley song- it hit home for me because I’m one to always be stuck in my head. I feel a lot of people can relate to this.

Why did you want to become an ambassador with Totem? What about our company / philosophy is intriguing to you?

I feel at home with the owners. I believe in Totem's vision. The vision of Totem to be involved with the community and helping people find alternative ways to wellness through natural product vs. Western medicine. I find it of value and is like minded to my personal vision within my work.

How have Totem’s products made your life better? What about your training?


For one ...this dang ligament tear in my right thumb has not flared up since using Lucid & helps me sleep for the first time in years!

Jiu Jitsu is amazing and recently getting myself back into the groove to compete again in the near future has been fantastic! I have a good support system at Meraki BJJ under Professor Kenny Florian and Jason Hunt!

Totem’s logo is loosely based on the 3 Pillars of Ayurvedic lifestyle - diet, sleep / rest, and love / sex / relationships. Do you feel that these three lifestyle aspects are foundational to a happy, strong, and healthy life? Why or why not? How do you try to incorporate these into your own life?

Yes! With my own experience if any one of these things is out of balance we as a whole become imbalanced. It took a long time for me to understand this. Meditation, making time for myself, staying active along with keeping good communication with my partner has been the core to my happiness.

If you could make one book required reading for a graduating college senior, what would you choose and why?


Easy, Don Ruiz's “The Four Agreements”- as a culture we’ve fallen out of touch in how to communicate with each other and hold values within ourselves! This simple book takes us back to those crucial fundamentals.

What memory brings you immense joy?

The first time I triple medaled at a Jiu Jitsu tournament, it wasn’t the feeling of winning the was the moment I believed in myself. I could compete with the best and not be intimidated by my opponents in the 3 weight classes I never had done before and was asked to compete in that day. Mental toughness = achieved.

What rituals (sacred or profane) do you incorporate into your life and why?

Spending time playing my bowls and using my tuning forks on myself. If I don’t take the time to do things to improve and heal me in all areas of my life, how can I go and help others to do the same.

Is there anything else you want to tell our community?

Yes, Remember nothing in life is certain except what we control in the now. Embrace who you are and don’t be afraid to take care of you first.  



Here’s where you can find Jane online:

Instagram: @inlovewithjiujitsu / @indigohouseofhealing