The Totem Nutrition Podcast: Episode 008 Interview with Chris Harder

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Who is Chris?

Chris Harder believes that when good people make good money, they do great things! As a successful entrepreneur, he believes that everyone has the right to an abundant lifestyle, and the responsibility to help others have the same.

In this episode, Chris and Leah talk about how social media can improve your life, how money makes you more of who you already are, the power of gratitude to make your life incredible, turning negative habits and patterns into positive patterns and habits, how important your environment and the people in it is to your success, and Chris divulges the safest and smartest place you can invest your money. 

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Episode Takeaways


Technology is amazing. It lets you build a business, make new friends, and find any info you want.

“That’s the value of social media in your gets a bad wrap, and yeah it can cause a lot of strain in your life, but it also allows for so many things that would have NEVER happened just a couple of years ago.”

”Anyone who is living in this day and age, your excuses are totally gone. Whether you want to get health. Whether you want to get fit. Whether you want better relationships. Whether you want to make more money. Everything you want is a click away.”

“The internet has brought as many distractions and challenges as it has great results.”

Money makes you more of who you are.

“Money makes you more of who you are just like alcohol does. If inside you are the world’s greatest dancer, but when you go to the wedding you won’t get on the dance floor until you’ve had some does the same thing. It lets you amplify what you care about, what you want to do, who you are, how you want to show up.”

“If you’re a good person then you’re going to do awesome things with money. If you’re not a very awesome person then you’re not going to do awesome things with money.”

“Money is nothing more than a tool that allows you to do what you want to do, that allows you to show up how you want to show up that much bigger and faster. “

“When you’re a good person who is wealthy and succeeding, you’re starting a chain reaction of other good people realizing that they can be too”

Gratitude can change your entire life.

“Gratitude has to be a regular practice. It has to be daily. You have to do it until you truly feel it. You have to be intentional about soaking your mind in gratitude to get the payoff that comes with it. And, trust me, the payoff is amazing. Gratitude is like a ninja hack and it’s so easy to do and anybody can do it. It’s just a matter of actually choosing to do it. “

“There is always something you can be grateful for. I still had gratitude and massive gratitude practices when I was butt ass broke. “

“I am always equal parts grateful and equal parts ambitious for more.”

“Gratitude is painting the picture of how far you’ve come. “

Being ‘comfortable’ is a trap.

“If you’re not growing you’re not happy - mark my words.”

“Comfortable sounds like a good word. The minute you hear comfortable it sounds like a good, cozy, warm, amazing word, “Oh, I want to be comfortable!” Comfortable IS A TRICK. It’s a trap. Comfortable is (and there’s a time and a place for comfortable) this: It’s sitting on your couch, in a blanket, with a whole bunch of comfort food watching Netflix that’s comfortable. But, here’s why it’s a trap: If you stayed on that couch, under that blanket, eating all that food, only watching Netflix, then you’re going to end up with a very uncomfortable life in a hurry. Comfortable is always a trap. Instead you should always seek to be slightly uncomfortable, always growing, because in that discomfort, ironically, is the happiness. And when you’re actually comfortable, it should just be used as a breather for a moment at best. “

“To be in poverty is an unfortunate circumstance. Choosing poverty is selfish. And more people are choosing poverty because they’re not willing to be uncomfortable.”

Putting yourself first is the only way to be a better you, feel good while doing, AND help other people.

“You’re a better spouse. You’re a better parent. You’re a better businessperson. You’re a better ANYTHING when you first take care of yourself.”

“Be selfish and create the best version of yourself, so that then you are a version of yourself who is a cup that’s pouring over for everybody else.”

“You are of way more value to people when you first take care of yourself. It’s a fact.”

“Self care is free and it is a right for everybody.”

“We are put here to lead and extraordinary life. We are not put here to suffer. Stop telling yourself that story. Stop playing the martyr because it gives you significance - I’m sorry but there are way too many people who are attracted or addicted to the significance of people fawning over them every time they’re hurt, every time they have a problem, every time they have a breakup.. People are addicted to that type of attention and that’s not why you were put here!“

“You were put here to lead an extraordinary life full of health and wealth and opportunity and laugher and experience and no matter where you are right now you can make a choice right now to start turning the tides in your favor.”

“I wasn’t a good version of myself when I was 30 lbs overweight. When you are not leading a healthy life then you cannot possibly be leading a happy life.”

“When you’re willing to face and be aware of yourself, that’s when you can start taking action toward where you want to be.”