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Totem Ambassador: Tommy Benning

We're proud to announce The Totem Ambassador Program!  We're even more excited to welcome Tommy Benning to the Totem team as an Ambassador! Tommy is our first East Coast ambassador. He has spent the last half decade making a living as a sales professional in the technology industry learning about and implementing various sales strategies and processes across the globe. He is driven by solving problems and facilitating human connection which is part of the reason why he wound up in sales and is the main reason why he volunteers his time as the Co-City Director in New York City for House of Genius, his true passion.

Tommy is also an avid runner and can often be found running one of the many routes around New York City. He completed the 2017 New York City Marathon (26.2 miles) in just over 3 hours and 30 minutes and has his sights set on breaking the 3 hour and 30 minute mark for the 2018 New York City Marathon. While he listens to audio books or podcasts on his long runs, he often chooses to run without headphones in order to take in his surroundings and center himself.

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Totem Ambassador: Jane Frank

We're proud to announce The Totem Ambassador Program!  We're even more excited to welcome Jane Frank to the Totem team as our first Ambassador! Jane Jane is a Los Angels native and a Jiu Jitsu athlete. Jane has resigned from the medical field after 25 years to pursue holistic alternative style of healing for the public. Learn more about Jane in our interview and visit her Instagram to learn more. 

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The Magical Velvet Bean

Velvet bean, or Mucuna puriens, has been exalted in Ayurvedic medicine since it was written about in the Rigveda - a sacred text written between 4500 BCE and 1600 BCE. Velvet bean has been documented in over two hundred traditional remedy formulations and its effectiveness has been scientifically validated many times over. We included velvet bean in our sleep optimizer, Lucid, because of the many amazing benefits that this bean provides that helps you get the most out of your sleep each night. Let's dive in and take a look at the defining properties this magical legume. 

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The One Thing That's Missing From Your Fitness Routine

Our society doesn't value slowing down. We're in an always connected, always on, always "I need that yesterday," 24/7/365 world. We all suffer for it. People take this same frantic approach to their fitness routines. A pervasive attitude of "no pain, no gain" trickles through the fitness world, to the detriment of those who are trying to hit their goals. Whether we want to admit it of not, quality sleep is the missing ingredient to most people's fitness routines. 

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What Is Velvet Antler Extract?

Velvet Antler Extract is a key ingredient in Totem's products. Although Velvet Antler Extract (VAE) has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, it's not a very well known or well appreciated superfood in our culture. Because this ingredient is critical to our product line, we'd like to take some time to introduce to VAE, explain what it is, and tell you about all of its amazing health benefits. 

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Lucid Ingredients for Sleep Optimization

Sleep. It's important.

Countless studies have shown that sleep quality and quantity effect every aspect of our lives. The rest we get (or don't) permeates into our lives physiologically, socially, emotionally, and even financially. 

We know how critical sleep is to a thriving life, but so few of us get enough sleep. In fact, the CDC estimates that somewhere between 50 - 70 million American adults have sleep disorders or wakeful disorders (where your poor sleep seeps into your day to day life and negatively effects it). Our modern society both demands higher performance from us, but also robs us of the time and calm mindset needed for a refreshing night of sleep...which is absolutely necessary to performing at your highest level. It's an endless cycle. 

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