Our Mission

The Totem Nutrition Podcast  is dedicated to enhancing the lives of our listeners by bringing them experts from the fields of diet, nutrition, lifestyle, mental health, mindset, movement, and fitness. We aim to enrich our listeners' lives with information for them to make informed decisions and form opinions about the best ways to improve their emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing. The guests we choose to interview, we believe, embody an important philosophy, a critical point of view, or a novel way of understanding the world around us that's aligned with Totem's Mission. We believe that the the human animal is a complex and interwoven system, whose wellbeing and functional level is determined by infinite and entangled inputs that work together to make you you.  We aim to understand and learn the best practices for cultivating a strong, happy, healthy, and leveled up human regardless of age, circumstance, or perceived limitations.