Episode 010 - Daniel Cortez

The first episode of Season 2 of The Totem Nutrition Podcast is now available! Our first guest is Daniel Cortez, and he'll be joining us for the first 6 episodes of season two. Each episode in this 6 episode series will cover an individual lifestyle component from the evolutionary perspective. What does this mean? It means that Daniel and Leah talk about how separated modern humans are from the way humans are best adapted to living and why our conventional thinking is making a lot of us unhealthy and miserable. 

In this episode, Daniel and Leah discuss nutrition and how our current food system is out of alignment with how humans have eaten and thrived over the past millenia or so. Learn which foods that are commonly labeled 'healthy' are not, how to select the best and most healthy meats, prepare to have your mind blown as you learn kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cabbage's surprising little secrets AND why carrots are orange 🤯