Revive - Velvet Antler Extract

Revive - Velvet Antler Extract


Reclaim the essence, stamina, glow, and vitality of youth with Revive. Revive is an ultra-concentrated serving of velvet antler extract - a powerful ingredient that's been revered for centuries for its regenerative and vivacious properties. Revive will provoke a resurgence of youthful energy, metabolism, muscle growth, bone density, and skin firmness. This product contains 1500mg of our unparalleled 43:1 ratio velvet antler extract and the powerful adaptogenic herb Tribulus.

  • All Natural Ingredients

  • Humanely harvested from free range elk

  • Stimulates healthy immune response

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Energizing

  • Encourages Soft Tissue and Joint Health

  • Workout Soreness Recovery

  • Muscle Toning

  • Totem's No Stress Money Back Guarantee

  • Free shipping (Only available in the USA)

Ingredients: Velvet Antler Extract and Tribulus Extract Other Ingredients: Purified Water and Organic Grape Alcohol

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I’ve been using Revive for over 6 months now and within a week saw unequivocal results. As some background, I’ve got a herniated disc in my lower back which triggered sciatica down my left leg and a torn up left knee [ACL/meniscus]. These injuries have been around for many years and as a result my fitness level has declined due to re-injury every time I get going on a steady exercise routine because they are such weak points. Within a week of taking Revive I noticed regained muscle tone and muscle stamina unlike I had seen in years. Since then, though re-injury incidents still occur, the severity and length of the pain is greatly diminished and reduced [weeks to days or even hours]. I have seen my muscle tone and stamina remain steady despite fluctuating exercise. I have a renewed vitality and overall health I very much attribute to Revive. I continue to rehab my back and knee and protect against any other weak spots susceptible in a 40-something body and Revive is a crucial component to that regeneration and fortification. It is my most essential supplement.

-Rana Stanfill-Hobbs

_Velvet antler contains the missing link to longevity, something just not present in all the promising nutrition programs I have experienced. Its growth factors are a significant part of waht makes it so special. Gro.png
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