The Symbolism Behind the Totem Logo

Our logo was designed by  Seven Brighter.

Our logo was designed by Seven Brighter.

The three pillars of the Totem logo are loosely based on our own interpretation of the three pillars of Ayurveda wellness. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing modality. For centuries Ayurvedic wellness has been guided by the thinking that our minds and bodies are connected in a system and that our minds are the greatest tool to heal our bodies. 

The Three Pillars of Ayurveda each represent a critical aspect of an individual's health: their food, their sleep, and their sexual wellness. It's believed that when all three of these lifestyle factors are in balance, health ensues. If even one of these pillars is out of balance, your health and quality of life will suffer. Specifically when your sleep, sex, or food is out of whack, your mind, body, or emotions will manifest discomfort in response to the inputs you are or aren't giving yourself. The three Totem pillars are also representative of the state of your mind, body, and emotions - this is generally what we at Totem call, simply, 'wellness.' Wellness is when your mind, body, and emotions are feeling their best because you're nourishing yourself with the things you consume, the things you do, and the relationships you have. 

The three pillars in the Totem logo represent both the three things we think are foundational to your health - food, sleep, and relationships / sexual wellness - as well as the mind, body, and spirit.

Here at Totem, we believe that our mind, body, and emotions are intricately connected and that these three aspects of your personality are influenced by your food, your sexual wellness, your sleep, and we also like to add, your movement. We think that movement and exercise is simply the opposite side of the sleep pillar. To have restful sleep, you must move and celebrate your body and its capabilities during the day. To move and celebrate your body each day, you must have restorative and regenerative sleep each night. Rest and movements are opposites that must be in balance and work together to bring you wellness to your mind, body, and emotions.  We think that a lot of our health is about embracing these opposites, how they feed into each other, and how the influence your mind, body, and emotions. Just as the food that you consume is important, of equal importance is the food you don't consume. 

PILLAR BY PILLAR - each pillar nourishes you, brings you to wellness, and is considered nutrition. Each pillar is connected.

Pillar I - Food / Body

The food you eat
The food you don't eat
The things you drink
Any supplements or health products
Your beauty products
The cleaning products you use
The media you pay attention to
The air you breathe 

Pillar II - Sleep / Mind

The sleep you get each night
How you wake in the morning
How you relax 
Your daytime energy levels
Your movement / workouts
Your stress resiliency 
Your breathing 
Your excitement at taking on each day
The projects you're working on

Pillar III - Relationship / Spirit

Your intimate relationship
Your sex drive
Your sexual relationship with yourself
Your friendships
Your community
Your relationship to food
Your relationship to drink
Your relationship to stress
Your relationship with nature / sun
Your relationship with yourself

The lettering of our name in our logo is also of significance. We retroactively added meaning to each letter of Totem, with each letter representing an important perspective into our mission and philosophy.  However,  the fragmented design of the letters represent how disconnected parts of our life might seem to our overall wellness, but how these disjointed and fragmented factors come together to form the total picture and the complete logo and our health. Everything in your life is part of a greater system that works together. If you change or omit one thing, the rest of your system will react accordingly. Within the Totem name, you'll again find the Three Pillars in place of the E, because these three pillars are foundational to our perspective. 

It's pretty obvious, we think, but the Totem Pillars are also reminiscent of totem poles. Our brand color is orange because it's an invigorating color that evokes feelings of youthfulness, renewal, enthusiasm, the cleansing power of fire, and the color of leaves as they embrace a changing season.