What Does Nutrition Mean to Us?


We're going to state an unpopular opinion: losing weight for the sake of losing weight, to hit some arbitrary number on the scale, is DUMB and isn't a measure of health. Here's the thing, you can lose a bunch of weight and feel terrible in the process. You can lose a bunch of weight by taking some crazy product with insane side effects. People will slap the word "nutrition" onto a container of artificial sweeteners and say it will help you lose weight. You can lose a bunch of weight at the expense of your health. Losing weight isn't the end goal for us, feeling nourished in mind, body, and spirit is. And, we've found, that when you're nourished, you are usually also a healthy weight.

We looked around at all the pseudo science driven nonsense, the unhealthy normalization of feeling crummy because everyone else does, and potentially harmful bullshit (sorry for swearing but this gets us riled up) that circulates around the internet about 'health' and 'wellness' and thought people deserved better. These pervasive, potentially dangerous, ill informed, and unsustainable attitudes about health and fitness don't encompass a definition of wellness that resonates with us. So here we are.

We're a small company, started from scratch in early 2018 with a big belief that humans could and should be doing, looking, and feeling so much better in the modern world, but are given so much misinformation on a daily basis that is ultimately harmful and unfulfilling. So we're looking big picture at what's worked in the past to help nourish folks, what thoroughly nourishes people today, and how to bring that nourishment into a modern lifestyle to make you feel better inside and out. We're taking the long term approach to foundational, holistic lifestyle enhancement that leaves you feeling enlivened, invigorated, sexy, sharper, calmer, and leaner without the detox tea, endless jogging, calorie restriction, tasteless food, waist trainers, essential oils that apparently cure everything, and generally feeling like shit in the name of "health." Nutrition is nourishment. To put it very simply: You should feel good while you're figuring out what makes you feel good.

Nutrition, aka the food you eat and the supplements you take, is definitely part of that big picture. But, our definition of nutrition doesn't just end there. The word 'nutrition' comes from the Latin 'nutrire' which means to feed and to nourish. Nourishment comes from the same root word. Nourishment is everything that you do that improves your life and grows you as a person. It means to care for and improve your body, mind, spirit through the various things and people that come into your life, the movement that you do, the sleep that you get, your community, the time you spend in nature, the food you eat, the work that you do... Nourishment is everything that makes us stronger, happier, and healthier. The things, people, food, drink, rest, movement, recreation, media, and nature that you welcome into your life should nourish you. Nourishment isn't complicated and it isn't marketing driven, it's simple, sustainable, and attainable. We want to guide you to nourishment.    

Too often we see people in the prime of their life who are trying to be nourished, but who are suffering. They're given and embrace misinformation about what it means to be well. They've normalized poor sleep, feeling lethargic, brain fog, achey joints, restless sleep. adult acne, brittle and lifeless hair, skin, and nails, irregular cycles, zero interest in sex, waking up congested and snotty, being bloated and constantly farting their life away... And, with the best of intentions, they take to the internet to find a solution, but are bombarded with messages that say either, "Hey, everyone feels terrible, is overweight, and miserable so just lean into it and eat more sugar to fill the emptiness inside of you," or, "Hey, I've discovered the secret to feeling 'great' and it's this product or that, you just have to follow my meal plan, buy into my pyramid scheme, follow this pseudo science about the best diet for your blood type, take this pill for better skin, cut your calories down to an eating disorder, drink this tea to lose body fat..." On and on. The info out there definitely doesn't encourage you to objectively look at information, decide if it's for you try, support you while you try it, or urge you to trust your body, how it feels, or the signals it's sending you. 

In general, when you're nourished, you glow. You feel younger. Your skin looks lively, supple, and clear. Your thinking is sharp and focused. You have sustained energy throughout the day - even after lunch.  You sleep well. Your mood isn't on a roller coaster all day. Your sexual health is functioning in a fun and exuberant way. Women's cycles are prompt and almost effortless. Nourishment is built on a foundation of healthy long term strategies and habits that bring out the innate wellness that lives inside of you. We believe that it's your responsibility to cultivate and nourish the wellness that's inside of you. That's what we mean by 'Nutrition.'