You’re here because you’re ready for the next level.

You’re ready to be, do, and have more in life, but you’re not totally sure how to make it happen. Deep down you can feel that there’s something more inside you that’s begging to come out, but you don’t entirely know what you need to do to bring it to life. You’re ready to step into your life’s adventure, and you’re here because it’s time to prepare for your journey. All journeys start with a single step, and finding Totem Nutrition is your first step toward heroic living. We’re excited to be here with you, this is an exciting time.

Totem Nutrition began with the idea that there is an innate passion for life in all of us, and that it’s our duty to figure out what that passion is and pursue it unapologetically. We believe that this is the only way to live a meaningful life. We don’t believe that you’re meant to scrape by and dread life. We don’t believe that each day should be a struggle. We believe you were put here to experience all that life has to offer. We believe that you were put here to live heroically and claim your hero’s journey — whatever that might be. We’re here to help you figure that out and get you going in the right direction.

Our mission is to give you the tools to help unlock your potential. We share our passion for helping you and hope to empower you to live an awesome, adventurous life via our podcast, our blog, our newsletter, and our wellness products. Stepping into your hero’s journey takes courage, but we hope to help light the path for you to make it a little less scary. We want to help prepare you to dive headlong into your next level through trusted experts, ancient wisdom, and by teaching you to trust your gut.

You might be wondering why we’re called Totem. It’s a good question and there are two main reasons. The first thing people think of is a totem pole. This wasn't our main motivation for the name, but the idea of a totem pole typically draws up the idea of something that's natural, larger than life, sacred, sturdy, solid, ancient, creative, expressive, and community oriented. To us, all of these characteristics are critical to a thriving individual and their pursuit of human excellence.

Additionally, a totem is a kind of signifier. It’s a symbol from the natural world of what a person or group of people aspire to be more like. A person's totem might reflect some version of their higher self. The self that they want to be. The self that exemplifies and honors all of the qualities, behaviors, and characteristics that make you feel tapped into your infinite wellbeing and the best version of yourself emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. The self that is within each and every single person, but might be buried under emotional layers, stories we've told ourselves, and conditioning that we've received from the people and world around us that doesn't support our best interest. Our totems are the heroes that courageously claim our hero’s journey.

“The totem represented in the symbol partakes of its nature and sacred character. The totemites, having become identified with the totem the name of which they bear, are, as such, also sacred. The entire physical universe is classified in accordance with the phratries and clans, and the being and objects thus classified with a certain totem share its sacred character.”

— Alexander Goldenweiser, Totemism; An analytical study

Our values

  • Eat like your ancestors

  • Sleep like a rock

  • Go outside…a lot

  • Toughen up

  • Follow what excites you

  • Build a tribe

  • Try tenaciously

  • Be curious

  • Move your body

  • Challenge yourself

  • Be unapologetic when it matters

  • Honor your emotions

“Of all things in nature, animals, both wild and tame, stand closest to us, and we find it difficult not to think of them in anthropomorphic terms. Similarities of physical and psychic traits in man and animals are stressed in verbal usage. We speak of the eagle eye, the leonine heart, the bull’s neck, dogged perseverance. The fox and beaver, bear and rabbit, cat and cow, hog and ass, ape and shark, all figure in our scene in human disguise.The layman and the amateur naturalist as well find it difficult not to ascribe animals qualities of intellect, affection, understanding, sensitiveness, vastly in excess of what sober judgement would allow.”
— Alexander Goldenweiser, Totemism; An analytical study